Experience differently - ask Luna - licensed to guide/ transfer

Ask Luna is

the company name of Long Lin-Maurer. Long is a professional trilingual local guide who also works as interpreter and translator for the local authority on freelance base.

After having lived and worked in Austria and Germany for 30 years and after her kids have arrived Long has chosen to work independently and follow her passion. 


What is different about Long? Her link to the inter- relational context in her guidance and the role as a mediator for translational contents in order to avoid  linguistic misunderstandings.



  • Children's education: learning while playing
  • Music – from Classical Music period (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven) over the 19th century (Schubert, Brahms, Liszt, Strauß son) to Gustav Mahler (incl. State Opera, Musikverein, Vienna Philharmonic)
  • Renaissance painting, Art by the "Fin de Siècle", Renaissance artists, Otto Wagner, Gustav Klimt, art history and their interrelation to the contemporary history 
  • History – of Austria & Europe (e.g. the history between the Medici family and Central Europe)
  • Other emphasis: good food and discover local hidden "gems" 






Ask Luna's Story

Long is a cosmopolitan and intercultural. She is an Austrian citizen with Chinese / Shanghai  origin who has rich intercultural experience and marketing expertise. She is famous for helping and supporting her friends and her surroundings - do you have a question, do you want to explore, do you want a good tip instantly? Simply Ask Luna!


Her family moved to Europe when she was 13-years-old. After graduating from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administrations she worked as product and marketing manager in various multi-national corporations, acquiring extensive product development know-how and developing marketing strategies. She is mother of two wonderful kids. In order to invest and dedicate herself more to the education of her children, she has chosen to work as a freelance interpreter and translator for the local authority and as a state-certified tourist guide.

Her marketing background as well as her education at the WIFI Vienna (Institute of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) as a certified tourist guide allow her to offer tours that meet the customer's wishes, which is why she never offers standardized programm.

As a freelance interpreter and translator and student of translation science in Chinese and German it is Long’s aim to translate each content as authentic as possible to the original language, fluently and which reflects the beauty of the target language.