Each group has its own dynamics. Each group is a new challenge.

It's up to you to define the theme, the framework and the conditions. The more structured you provide all  key data, the better the guidance can be tailor made to meet your and your customer's desire.
ask Luna if you:

  • want to provide your group tourists an overview of Vienna
  • want to demonstrate the content which you have taught inside the classroom live on the scene with a comment
  • want to practice Chinese (Mandarin) conversation

Individual Tourists

Are you interested in Classical Music? Or do you even play an instrument yourself? Have you been to Prague, Budapest, Rome or Florence? Do you fancy modern art or would you rather pick the old masters?
Let's discuss together how you can make your stay a special experience.
ask Luna if you:
• want to discover secrets in Vienna beyond the tourist routes
• travel with your children as a family
• are interested in culture and European history

Translation and Transfer

Interpreting & Translating

Authentic to the original, maintaining the style of speech, correctly emphasizing:
• Dialog Interpreting
• Simultaneous Interpreting
• Accompany Interpreting
• Translations: economic and legal content, contracts, product texts of the consumer goods industry as well as texts of the tourism and leisure industry