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Luna is

a passionate entrepreneur with Shanghai origin, an expert and advisor on responsible tourism development, FMCG product marketing/sales topics (how to generate additional turnover & price positioning) and matching and networking the right partners to each other (clean business) with special language and cultural understanding skills.


Luna's uniqueness is her intercultural knowkedge and communication abilities.

She is Water Sommelier, who holds a master's degree in business administration of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, a diploma in preventional nutritional care, a state certified trilingual tourist guide license, owns a registered interpreting & translation office in the city of Vienna.


Classical Music & history is her emphasis. She is able to lead her customers into the European society, providing an indepth understanding of the history, business relations, society and education. Her background as a marketing manager for int. FMCG brands testifies to her professionalism and attention to detail.


Luna has lived and worked in the EU for more than 30 years. She is fluent in four languages.

Her mission  

to offer trustworthy entrepreneurial advisory services for responsible tourism, marketing/sales (clean businesses) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Shanghai.

Her vision 

to support her clients receiving a sustainable, successful service in the way that is meaningful for them.

Her CV summary:

2021: Certified Water Sommelier - by Doemens Academy

2021: Participant of "Cannabinoide in the Medicine" - 

by - Verein Schmerzverband (Association of Pain-Union)

2019: State approved licensed tourist guide - Staatl. gepr. Fremdenführerin

2018: Postgraduate in Digital Marketing

2016 - 2017: Marketing Aspirin @ Bayer Austria GmbH

2014: Precautionary Nutrition Coach - Ernährungsvorsorge Coach

2010 - 2013: NESTLÉ AUSTRIA GmbH

2008: "Excellence in Key Account Managerment" @ Univ. St. Gallen

2007 - 2010: Product Marketing Development @ Pago International

2006 - 2007: Key Account Manager Container Leasing

2006: Market Manager Middle Market @ T-Mobile

2002 - 2006: Product Marketing Manger Lancôme @ L'Oréal Luxe

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