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Culture provides a larger sense of who we are, where we come from and where we belong. Culture can provide us with a lens through which we frame, relate to or understand events. A culture doesn’t have to be defined by racial or ethnic background. It can be identified by where the person’s heart sits, or where they feel the most understood or the greatest sense of belonging. We can participate in and belong to many cultures, though we usually identify mainly with one. When we look at culture this way, it becomes a very fluid entity, applicable to all people.


The best way to explore different cultures is by travel. Evidence-backed traveling makes your mind happy and healthy: it's a great stress buster, it helps to reinvent oneself, it boosts happiness and satisfaction, it makes a person mentally resilient and it enhances creativity.

Join Luna - a certified lisenced tourist guide -

on a cultural tour in her spare time

Connecting people with others from their own cultural background and beliefs are essential to promoting and maintaining resiliency (i.e., the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties). It’s a way for people to share their strengths and acknowledge their challenges—to have a cultural relationship - this is what Luna aims to achieve in her spare time.


Sometimes, having a cultural relationship means you can sit with someone and feel a sense of peace because you know, without having to explain or express in words, they understand where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced – which provides you a greater and unique experience.

Some decades ago – about 200 years – the shape of Europe looked completely differently. There was one powerful family that has ruled, controlled and influenced the European society like no other for nearly 650 years. Though the family has disappeared in the landscape today, their soul is still powerfully controlled in the background.


When confronted with any crisis, the vital importance of culture and travel is revealed. We are witnessing the resilience and ability of the creative and tourism sector to adapt quickly.


Traveling allows you to meet people of different cultures, with diverse traditions and distinctive lifestyles. As you travel and discover these newly found worlds, take a moment to reflect not only on the differences that you observe in their lifestyle and behavior but on the things that unite us.

Whether you are dealing with business partners, traveling in a group or as an individual in Central Europe understanding the European culture with s a plus. A certified professional guide is able to provide smashing entertaining tour content combined with hard facts which ease the immediate understanding.

  • The Language of Flower combined with "Re-discover The Netherlands" & The Flemish Masters - (only from Apr. to begin of May)


  • Love & Pain of the Habsburg - Understand the history and the society through the story of love (sex) and medicine (pain),  especially the importance of hemp

  • Habsburg’s Territory sweet & sour - rediscover the former huge empire that dominated the continental European territory for centuries. Listening or even tasting the gourmets e.g. chocolate & pastry shops, wine & vineyards, beer & breweries, coffee & coffeehouses, Schnitzel & Goulasch, "Strudel" & "Knödel", mussels & herring whilst understand/ discuss how this empire has vanished from the landscape forever 

  • Backstage Classical Music - Explore the hobby and the passion of the Habsburger and its enfluence of the society (e.g. the three classical masters and their influences, Johann Strauß - sohn, his era & his influence)

  • Bitter sweet symphony - cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life! Trying to make (arts) meet ... I'll guide you down the road I've ever been down. You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet ...

  • The story of "Silent Night" & The Austrian Chrismas Carol (only from Nov. - Jan. )

  • The Sound of Music & The Salzburg Festival

  • On the Road with Walt Disney (only in August as this is a wonderful trip dedicated to family with kids - or in Chinese we say “亲子游” - where both parents and children will be entertained properly) 

  • Sex & City - a tour for the real cosmopolit amongst us. A tour combined with infotainment, culturetainment, foodtainment and shoptainment incl. all the hidden jams which the chosen Western European city has to offer - a tour for avangardists for sure

All programms are offered in three different experience levels: 

1. Basic - e.g. most likely an overview tour covering all must-see sites of one city in the most efficient time frame and represented compactly - most likely Vienna

2. Advanced - e.g. for second time visitors of a certain city, certain sites when additional knowledges are required, or it can be a combination of city walk, a museum or a certain site such as Beethoven or Mozart's fomer residence and attending a performance at the State Opera House in the evening

3. Intense - unique experience such as visiting a master class, meeting a professor, a curator's tour exclusively after the opening hours, to philosophise about contemporary art and design with some of the city's most intriguing cultural leaders ....

Cultural life continous - carefully selected experiences will be continuously offered, that can be safely enjoyed in a socially distanced form. Some even in the comfort of your own home – e.g. enjoy a virtual tour. Virtual tours are highly appreciated for learning your guide and they help to make your decisions. Ask for your 20 minutes Zoom experience for littel money. 

Attention: Tours are Luna's spare time activities. Please make sure to book your tour on time, as schedules are limited.


In order to offer unique experience off the ordinary track ask Luna to offer a unique planning services for tailor-made performing art experiences.

Whether you are planning a sophisticated city trip with your loved one, travelling as a group of cultural-minded friends or organising exclusive incentives for your company and business partners.

With selected and preferred partners askLuna will ensure your mission

The planning service is unique as

-       Whole sale prices – no hidden extras

-       Reliability

-       Safety – all partner are registered companies – all legal, especially important after the pandemic

-       Especially for oversee customers: Protected by the EU consumer laws with a powerful legal coverage

How does it work:

a. Tell Luna what‘s your purpose

b. Mention the minimum must-have requirements

c. Be precise about your expectations

Together with carefully hand picked partners (bus drivers, hotels 4*,5* or luxury holiday appartments) your quality and expectation will be guaranted. Your unique cultural experience is just an airfare away. 

Service is Luna's success - your all-round carefree package

This is Luna's promise: any customer, from any destination flying in with an IATA memeber aviation company  registered inside EU encounter any passenger right related topics - Luna will take care of all your concern.
As well as any healthcare related interpreting services.

Current partners

Exclusive partnership

Wien Tourismus - Vienna Tourism Board

Vienna State Opera -

Albertina -

Bus Reisenstahl -

Sparring partners

For more information please proceed - "Terms & Conditions"


I had a fabulous tour of Vienna, filled with knowledge and excitement, thanks to Luna's excellent and thoughtful service. This is the best personal tour you can get!!

Gracie T.



Luna provides exceptional personal touch. We feel lucky as she led a great, highly personalized tour. We enjoyed the ongoing narrative on the history of Vienna. What's more, she followed up with additional recommendations for our stay.

Scott Moore
United States


Luna is beyond question an outstanding tour guide. She provided detailed backgrounds on art and music, thus leading to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the area's culture. Most importantly, she is eager to tailor the tour to one's liking and flexible to adjust to customers' desires. Highly recommended!

Peter C.

United States


Luna was extremely helpful, going above and beyond to ensure the visiting delegation was well cared for. She is now our preferred tour provider for Vienna.

Chris Anderson

New Zealand

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