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Responsible Tourism & Business For Future

The leading entrepreneurial advisory service for

responsible tourism &

marketing and sales topics in Germany, Austria Switzerland and Shanghai

According to the Cape Town Declaration, responsible tourism is supposed to minimise negative environmental, social and economic impacts. It shall generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities, improve working conditions and access to the industry. Last but not least especially towards respect between local cultures and tourists.

Hence the understanding of cultures allows to acknowledge worldviews and respect heritage.

Culture provides a larger sense of who we are, where we come from and where we belong. Culture can provide us with a lens through which we frame, relate to or understand events. Understanding of the local culture will ease your business encounter (company & factory tour),  your meeting and your business negotiations.

A culture doesn’t have to be defined by racial or ethnic background. It can be identified by where the person’s heart sits, or where they feel the most understood or the greatest sense of belonging. We can participate in and belong to many cultures, though we usually identify mainly with one. When we look at culture this way, it becomes a very fluid entity, applicable to all people.


If you hesitate in business communications, especially in German speaking countries, you might ask Luna to join your party.

Ask Luna - a passionate entrepreneur, an expert and advisor on responsible tourism development, product marketing/sales topics (how to generate additional turnover & FMCG price setting), matching and networking the right partners to each other (clean business) with special language and intercultural understanding skills.

Ask Luna - to support you on receiving sustainable, successful services in the way that is MEANINGFUL for YOU.

Email: to learn how 

In addition connecting people with others from their own cultural background and beliefs are essential to promoting and maintaining resiliency (i.e., the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties). It’s a way for people to share their strengths and acknowledge their challenges—to have a cultural relationship - this is what Luna aims to achieve.

COMMERCIAL Tour MANAGEMENT - you are in good hands!

Ask Luna to offer your business delegation a 360 degree service: from screening of your suitable business partner to visit - preparing all necessary documents of your oversea visa mainly with your purpose driving invitation - to itinerary design - and satisfying execution.

With selected and hand picked partners Luna will ensure your mission

The planning service is unique as

-       Whole sale prices – no hidden extras

-       Reliability

-       Safety – all partner are registered companies – all legal, especially important after the pandemic

-       Especially for oversee customers: Protected by the EU consumer laws with a powerful legal coverage

How does it work:

a. Submit your questionnaire and NDA to Luna with: mission, vision and purpose

b. Mention the minimum must-have requirements

c. Be precise about your expectations

Together with carefully hand picked partners your quality and expectation will be guaranted. Your successful commercial mission incl. exclusive cultural experience to enhance your mission is just an airfare away. 

Current partners

Exclusive partnership

Impact Hub:

Wien Tourismus - Vienna Tourism Board

Albertina -

Sustainable bus trip & e-cycling -

Numerous investment bankers in energy segment, senior financial and equity advisors on partner, board of directors as wells as advisory board member level. 

For more information please proceed - "Terms & Conditions"


I had a fabulous tour of Vienna, filled with knowledge and excitement, thanks to Luna's excellent and thoughtful service. This is the best personal tour you can get!!

Gracie T.



Luna provides exceptional personal touch. We feel lucky as she led a great, highly personalized tour. We enjoyed the ongoing narrative on the history of Vienna. What's more, she followed up with additional recommendations for our stay.

Scott Moore
United States


Luna is beyond question an outstanding tour guide. She provided detailed backgrounds on art and music, thus leading to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the area's culture. Most importantly, she is eager to tailor the tour to one's liking and flexible to adjust to customers' desires. Highly recommended!

Peter C.

United States


Luna was extremely helpful, going above and beyond to ensure the visiting delegation was well cared for. She is now our preferred tour provider for Vienna.

Chris Anderson

New Zealand

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