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Beauty Business

Beauty is the quality presented in a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).


Beauty of a person always comes in pairs:

The outer and the inner beauty. Whilst the outer beauty provides us with confidence in behaviour, a strong immune system and the inner balance are the fundament which have become more important than ever. A premium product with a certain straight forward need always serve as the fundament.

Beauty Product Management is Luna's passion

Beauty is not only cosmetic. Beauty can be expressed by the premiumness, the care, the service provided, the thorough thinking. It's a holistic process.

Holding a master degree in marketing and preventional nutritional coaching, Luna's service includes:

  • Beauty, premium consumer goods product assortment consulting , brand value development & sales distribution services (focusing on: Clean Beauty & Clean Business but not Green. From conceptual development to in-store/ digital implementation, offering product assortment analysis and product marketing management consultancy, that enables user experiences) & development of omni-channel strategy

  • Knowledge exchange, preventional nutritional diet plan & beauty - creating efficient healthcare & beauty products combining efficiacy and harmless plant power adding nutritional aspect

  • Digital Marketing & Protection consultancy (proof-read agency quatation, review and exame the plausibility and feasibility of the quotation). Accompany/ Forward to a trust-worthy attorney if necessary.

Why working with Luna?

In-depth knowledge of food & non-food product management (DACH market regulations, legal requirements, claims & product declarations, Asian & DACH consumer insights, market needs), service quality, performance (in terms of sell out oriented approaches),  speed

What to expect ?

Use case: Business Development Consulting

1. Translation opportunity into target language - the very first step, helps Luna to fully dive into the new opportunity - supports client receiving a solid, satisfying document for any presentation purposes. 

In case the opportunity comes to a "perhaps" - then

2. Presentation opportunity -  go on a tour with Luna with pre-defined presentation routes. This step is comparable to a X-ray. Helps both parties knowing each other better and finding out the "fit"

3. Real-Life Testing with selected potential partners in case of "fit"

Current marketing & distribution services covering:

  • Clean Beauty with a wellness focus - Facial Serum specialist - Pristine clear natural mountain water combined with TCM, Ayuveda, Zen, Swiss Medical, Alpine Mountain SPA elements

  • Clean NEM: cell recycling and cleansing (spermidine) & enhancement methylation (SAM) based on scientific insight of Epigenetic 

  • Clean Aphrodite's goût - handcrafted chocolate - no additional sugar added

  • Clean dietary supplement - Man's Vital - The gold of Himalaya/ The Jewel of Dolpa

  • Clean Water - pristine clear natural Alpine mountain water

Current Partners

Associate & commercial partners:

Renowned scientists and manufacturers (incl. ISO 13485) - in Germany & Austria 

- Former lab manager of a major international cosmetic brand (invol. in developing > 350 patents) 

- Leading manufacturer & specialist for highly developed, innovative cosmetic products, medical devices & European cosmetic tissue masks

- Austrian experts of facial medicine products

Sparring & consultanting partners:

Oliver Gelbrich, Design, UX/UI expert, Creative Director

(former Creative Digital Director @ Saatchi & Saatchi Germany) -

Dr. Nina Fehringer-Langoth -

(pharmacist with extensive experience in medical cannabis & plastic surgery):

Dr. Eduard Rappold - geriatrician:

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