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Schloß Fuschl  Fischerei  Holzbau Schlag

Meaningful Journey

Qualitative experience based motor coach tours & activities 

Make your journey memorable, MEANINGFUL in an interactive and storytelling way!


Lonely Planet's description of Vienna/ Austria: "Possibly the best combination of nature and culture on the planet. "

A WARM WELCOME to VIENNA - a city that has had major impact on the development of continental European history since the Romans. Witness Vienna & central Europe's 2000 history by established causal connection content wise which will entertaining both young and young at heart. Be prepared for the many "OH I SEE" moments.


Memorable, MEANINGFUL, Reliable:

In her atelier - Long (licensed guide, licensed interpreter/translator, licensed travel agent) and her motor coach partner ( are seeking to provide qualitative, experience-based walks, tours and activities in the way that is memorable, MEANINGFUL to their customers.  


We are your reliable partner: with 360 degrees full service (incl. concierge service if required) directly out of one hand (we are not intermediaries but direct executors with competence/license, long-term experience and network alongside each of the customer journey touch points). We customize your journey to your own requirement


We care about details, appreciate consumer insights and anticipate customer requirements in order to set up itineraries beyond the ordinary track. Long's background as a marketing manager for multi-international FMCG brands testifies to her passion for the consumer business.


Centered in Vienna we can arrange any distant excursions as added value to your journey: our transportation service is not just a ride from A to B but but comes with a hand-picked and carefully designed itinerary - your memorable journey starts from your departure. Contracting directly with local partner is our first priority additionally.


Two-person rendez-vous (or family size group), all tourists with special requirements and sprinter sized groups are welcome to join our service.

For quality purpose group size shall not exceed 16 pax.


Our vision: support each customer receiving a qualitative, memorable and instagramable service in the way that is MEANINGFUL for each of them.


A selection of partners:

Dr. Astrid Mosser - Experienced anesthetist in Wilheminen Hospital, Vienna. Specialist in intensive care medicine and pain therapy/treatment

Dr. Jutta Leth - Specialist of psychotherapeutic medicine, specialised in subject-specific psychosomatic medicine, client focued psychotherapist

Dr. Jürgen Beckmann:

Various top SPAs, beauty tretments, Clubs, health care institutions mainly in Vienna, Salzkammergut & Lower Austria, as well as Germany.

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