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Nature & Soul

In difficult times, it can be hard to stay positive and find our balance. Being resilient enables us to protect ourselves from getting too overwhelmed by stress, predicts well-being, and can protect us from developing mental health difficulties.


Resilience and positive emotions also promote physical health, including cardiovascular health, better immunity and better sleep quality.

Resilience facilitates healthy behaviour and also supports health-promoting practice, for example by reducing the risk of excessive drinking, smoking or drug use, which predicts better health in the future.


Self-efficacy: One of the components of resilience is believing that you have control over your life. That you can grow, you can improve in your abilities, succeed in tasks you set for yourself and learn from your mistakes.


Emotional self-awareness: Resilience is also related to emotional awareness. In order to bounce back and recover from a challenging period, we need to understand and process our initial emotional reaction to what is happening. This is part of what helps protect us from developing mental health difficulties.


Whether you have suffered from the corona virus outbreak, or you are in need of an optimized life conditions or you are a leader who needs a complete reload.

It all  begins where ancient wisdom meets modern science. In the Austrian Alps, surrounded by untouched nature, you may chose:

  • Therapy

  • Modern physcial medicine

  • Workshop

  • Special treatment, event or visit

  • Jogging & Tour - e.g. "Sightseeing by Jogging"

Combined with the cultural tour as basic need – the triangle "Nature - Condition - Culture" provides you with ultimate

mental strengh, relaxation, balance - the boost you need of finding your inner „beauty“.

A selection of partners:

Dr. Astrid Mosser - Experienced anesthetist in Wilheminen Hospital, Vienna. Specialist in intensive care medicine and pain therapy/treatment

Dr. Jutta Leth - Specialist of psychotherapeutic medicine, specialised in subject-specific psychosomatic medicine, client focued psychotherapist

Dr. Jürgen Beckmann:

Various top SPAs, beauty tretments, Clubs, health care institutions mainly in Vienna, Salzkammergut & Lower Austria, as well as Germany.

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